Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is a binding agreement aimed at governing your and our actions as far as the usage of this website and associated services are concerned.

According to this document, you and we have mutual rights and obligations and thus are to follow them if we enter into the agreement. The moment you open this website you consent to be legally bound by this document. In case there are any disagreement from your side concerning the rules below, please exit the website immediately and do not purchase our services.

Below you may familiarize yourself with various points and rules of privacy. We ask you to examine these points thoroughly before you continue with the website.

By expressing your sufficient consent you enter into the agreement. You may be asked to consent on a repeated basis. This Privacy Policy remains in force during the whole use of this website.

General Provisions

Simple and accurate identification procedure as well as the manner of communication can be improved by the information we gather. We aim at improving our services and making it convenient for you to purchase a product. As we gather certain information of your visit as you use our website, we increase the quality of our service to a maximum level.

As soon as you agree to this document, you express your consent that obtaining certain information about you is sufficiently legitimate. You consent that our aim is specified and explicit.

The information we receive is considered to be obtained legally and fairly. No data is gathered if you do not consent to this agreement.

You give us all information personally. However, some information may be obtained without your consent.

You submit personal information once you:

  • write out data in a form or fill any questionnaires;
  • carry out any communication with us;
  • identify your personality.

We can receive certain information by means of:

  • observing your transactions;
  • examining your activities on the website;
  • using cookies or any other technologies.

We never gather any information regarding your:

  • religious, political, philosophical etc. beliefs;
  • mental or physical condition;
  • sex life;
  • criminal convictions;
  • ethnic or racial origin.

Information collected as you browse our website

As soon as you visit our website in your browser on your device, certain information is gathered automatically:

  • your browser type;
  • operating system;
  • access time.

We do not use the obtained information to identify your personality whatsoever. Our aim of getting the information is to customize our website and make it better for our clients.

Information collected as you order our services

We ask our clients to submit certain information and order materials to purchase our service. Such information includes:

  • your phone number;
  • email;
  • certain information of your credit card;
  • copy of your national ID or driver’s license.

You may receive different notification regarding sales and discounts, order completion or any other order issues on your email, your phone, or other messages. Please note that you give your sufficient consent to these notifications by clicking on the ‘Submit form’ button.

We may ask you to send us a copy of your national ID and certain information of your credit card to proceed with the payment authorization. Only your first and last names are needed, plus the last 4 digits on you credit card.


We use cookies to improve and customize our website. Find out more on cookies in our Cookies Policy.

Manner of Communication

Our aim is to meet the highest standards of the service we offer. For this reason, we are very serious concerning any complaints about collecting information. We would be open to any suggestions for improving our services and procedures.

In case we hold any information about you, we will:

  • describe it to you;
  • tell you why we are holding it;
  • tell who it may be disclosed to;
  • let you have a copy of the information in an intelligible form.

If you want to refuse from receiving emails or SMS notifications from us, let us know by contacting us. We will instantly switch off all unwanted notifications.

Final provisions

All collected information is processed with the use of the SSL-certificate. This certificate ensures absolute confidentiality and safety of all transactions.

According to this Privacy Policy, we make reasonable effort to protect your information from third parties. However, should our legal obligations require us, we will disclose certain collected information.

As we enter into this agreement, you and we should follow the rules and obligations. If you or we fail to meet any points of the agreement, we will follow the procedures of the legal system.

Our communication should be carried out in English only.

This Privacy Policy can be altered, amended or modified at our discretion without issuing any warning or notices.